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Our Story

In 2022, after many years of working in Real Estate and Property Management , I started Lake Anna Property Management & Real Estate to offer a level of property management service that I didn't feel currently existed in our area but that I knew was needed.  I strive to provide the same quality service that I would expect as a homeowner, as a guest, as a visitor, as a client, as a customer. I want you to leave our office feeling like you have just received "an old fashioned type of customer service" - I think that's too often lacking and I miss it!  - Kristie Cooke 


Meet The Team

Kristie Cooke Lake Anna Real Estate Property Management

                                                        Hi! I am Kristie - a licensed Realtor , Virginia Real Estate Broker and                                                                              local Property Manager. I established Lake Anna Property Management & Real                                                            Estate to provide a level of quality Real Estate and Property Management                                                                    service that I could be proud of and most importantly, that you would want to                                                            do business with.  My mission is to take away your worries when it comes to                                                                real estate transactions and your property management needs.

                                                        I have called the Lake Anna area home most of my life and I call on that life-                                                                long knowledge of the area to help my clients and visitors get to know our                                                                  wonderful community.  As a result, I do specialize in the Lake Anna and                                                                      surrounding areas, however, I work all over our beautiful state of Virginia.  In                                                              addition, I love the North Carolina beaches and am also a licensed North                                                                      Carolina  Real  Estate Broker. I have a lengthy background in government contracts and purchasing and also have extensive experience in the accounting and                                                    marketing fields. I love to learn and I place a priority on continuing my                                                                        education in the real estate and property management fields. I have worked                                                                diligently and tirelessly in local real estate to become one of the TOP AGENTS                                                              in the Lake Anna area.  

​I enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to experience and be a part of all that the

Lake Anna area has to offer long time residents as well as new to the area

residents and guests.  I understand the importance of utilizing modern technology

and resources in combination with a “back to basics” simplicity in an effort to

provide the best possible quality service to today’s home buyers and sellers.  I

consistently strive to offer my clients the “whole package” customer service that

they deserve. I have learned to “find the joy in the journey” and through my work

as an award-winning photographer, I have learned to listen to and build

relationships with my clients to provide a reality that meets the client vision. 

I know you have many choices when it comes to choosing an agent, therefore, my goal is to make sure you are always glad you chose me.  I will work to get you the results you are hoping  for and do it with integrity.  I will earn your trust and your referrals.”

I am eager to succeed as your Real Estate Agent.  I bring to the table, a strong work ethic, valuable, relevant knowledge, a commitment to giving back and an unwavering positive attitude. (read Kristie's reviews)

Lake Anna Property Management & Real Estate Alex Young Assistant to Kristie Cooke
Alexandra "Alex" Young
Assistant to Kristie Cooke, Real Estate Intern

Alex started in Real Estate to make extra money and soon realized she had found her passion.  Alex is dedicated, creative and eager to learn. She loves spending time with her son, Waylon and she designs and creates tumblers, hats and more in her spare time.  Alex is working towards obtaining her Real Estate license and hopes to specialize in Property Management.

Lake Anna Property Management & Real Esate Krista Chamberlain Agent
Krista Chamberlain
Real Estate Intern

Krista began her career several years ago in New York and decided to 'jump back in' after relocating back to Virginia.  Krista is a wealth of knowledge and talent and brings a contagious positive energy and 'light up the room smile' wherever she goes.   

Lake Anna Property Management & Real Estate kayaks
Dana Hoy
Operations Assistant, Cleaning Crew 1 Lead

Dana started with Lake Anna Property Management & Real Estate in housekeeping. She quickly proved herself invaluable to our Property Management division. In additon to leading the cleaning of our rental properties, Dana works closely with Property Management to help with the operational details that play such a big part in keeping us successful.

This could be You_edited_edited.jpg

Do you have a desire to excel in Real Estate? Are you licensed to sell Real Estate in Virginia? Or ready to obtain your Virginia Real Estate Salesperson license? We offer a mentor program, We believe in lifting others, empowering others, we believe in teamwork, we stand for customer service. If you believe you would fit in with us - let's chat! 

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Lawn Care

Lake Anna Property Management, LLC


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